Olbram Pavlicek is artist, musician and Graphic designer.

Making sounds and singing at 93Eechoesandsirens and ((Scarypool)). Curatoring at PGS. Graduate of bachelor study programme at Supermedia studio and graduate of master programme at Painting studio at AAAD(UMPRUM) in Prague.

Projects/Exhibitions/Curatoring PALE TRASH, AM180, Prague Super Natural Special, Dům u zlatého prstenu, Prague Generation Smart, Galerie NTK, Prague Hypebeast Vertigo, Galerie NTK, Prague Upgrades 0.1, MAKE MAKE, Brno Supermédia, MOM, Jindřichův Hradec Frontier Justice Experience, Šopa Gallery, Košice Kryptologik 2.0, Menu Laboratory, Pardubice FINE LINE, Prague BCAA system & Olbram Pavlíček: NOVA X-process, PAF, Olomouc SUPERNOVA, galerie NTK, Prague Ananke, Holešovická Šachta, Prague B.I.G. Opening, PGS, Brno Black Glover TRY-ON, PGS, Prague ACTIONFRONT: Orange. Corpse. Corp., Berlínskej model, Prague SUV, WERKSCHAUHALLE, Leipzig No Regrets, No Remorse, No Fun, PGS, Prague The Hills Have Eyes, HotDock project space, Bratislava Comunite pasta fresca, Kulturní a řemeslný prostor Znak, Prague Practicing Of Wearing And Unwearing The Coat Out Of Limbs, City Surfer Office, Prague Ananke, Holešovická Šachta, Prague Videokemp 2019, NGP ― Anežka LIVE, Prague Adaptation to the Future, Fotopub Project Space, Ljubljana, Slovenia 'EARTH BØRING', Berlinskej Model, Prague Vzdoruj jako les / Resist Like Woods, Institut úzkosti / Institute of Anxiety, LES. Společenství pro pěstování, teorii a umění KORPSEPUNX, Kadeřnictví Tomáš Veselka, Prague MIND OVER MATTER, Technische Sammlungen, Dresden AiR Programm 2020 in Kooperation mit MeetFactory & NMK Clueless Agency: Every offbeat step, every footprint left., PGS, UFF Uničov HOMESTAGING, Prague

at Hair studio Tomas Veselka.

The body is transformed under the weight of social preferences, or the psyche of an individual by physical injury. Stretching the human body to the clamp and subsequent averaging in a relaxation chair.

Another life
Why are you? 
:a scrambled face stimulus
The wound man
kissing spine
U look nice :)
not found
Does water have skin?
If the skull fits
absurd arms
bingo center
master plan
I scream, I am the sun
standart sk7ll
(Lots of love)
Facebreath Punis
Tragic waste of skin
Mother natures child
Wake up
AUG Human Package

Theory over the development of the human body, mental health and maintaining one’s own integrity under the onslaught of various influences.